Oh hi! Welcome. Let’s get cozy, let’s get to know each other a little bit better, let’s be friends. I’m so happy you’re here, 2017.

Let’s talk about the next 365 days, shall we?

Please be kind to me and those around me. Please let some moments pass quickly (swiftly, swiftly), and let others linger (you’ll know which ones).

I promise I won’t have my face glued to my phone when you put on a beautiful sunset, or when I’m having a cat-cuddle that’s just so. I’ll try to be kinder to myself—to give myself a little time and space, to allow for breathing room, for imperfection; for a little more self-care and a lot less self-doubt.

That’s as close as I’ll come to a New Year’s resolution. Happy twenty-seventeen, everyone.




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