I love the start of a new year.  I’m not entirely sure why, though. I think it’s to do with everyone’s  resolve to make this year a better year.  There’s a palpable goodness in the air—people trying to be more patent, trying to be more environmentally sound, trying to be healthier, trying to be more compassionate. I love going to the gym the first week of January . Every treadmill  is taken, every aerobics/yogilates/whatever the new ‘it’ thing is, is fully booked.

I have never been good at keeping resolutions, or going to the gym.  But, I’ve decided to make this a better year for myself. Here’s my resolutions:

  1. Cook more
  2. Eat more home-cooked meals
  3. Leave work on time. No more 15-hour days!
  4. Keep in touch with all my friends, near and far
  5. Blog. Steadily but surely, put up at least one post a week.

That last one scares me a little bit. It’s a promise, isn’t it? And now that I’ve put it up there, I have to stick to it.

I know I’m 2 weeks late, but here goes, post #1 of 2011:

We got a pasta machine and a ravioli tray for Christmas (amongst an array of other kitchen goodies and gadgets). It’s this tray that lets you shape and stuff 12 ravioli at a time—it’s an absolute time-saver and great for helping you make ravioli that are more or less the same shape and size. I’ve made ravioli by hand before, but how shall I put it—they come out looking quite rustic:  (read:  knobby, unevenly shaped, sized, stuffed— you get the idea).

The stuffing is a bit sweet due to the pumpkin, but the bacon counters the smooth sweetness with a nice salty, crispy bite.  In the photos below the ravioli are garnished with thyme, but sage is the preferred herb for this. I wasn’t, and still can’t find any sage anywhere! You can make the ravioli a day in advance and cook them the following day. I would recommend 4-6 ravioli per serving, depending on how big you make them (ours were medium) and how hungry you are.



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