It’s Wednesday, which means the day before Thursday, which kind of means it’s sort of getting nearer to the weekend but not quite. I’ve been meaning to share these links with you guys in some shape or form, and since it’s mid-week, I figure there’s no better time than now to give you something to procrastinate occupy your time with.  So go get your coffee/chai/afternoon snack, sit back, and enjoy! 1. THE WORLD’S BEST RESTAURANTS Yep, the list is out! Some familiar names on there, and Rene Redzepi’s ... Read More
5 foodie things


When I was younger, I was one of those weird kids who loved eating their greens. The greener, the better. I would devour things like broccoli and spinach, and I really liked brussels sprouts too—something my family didn’t totally understand. I’ve come to appreciate them more as an adult; the complexity of their flavor, how their little green leaves can be crunchy or soft, how they change color and become more vibrant when cooked. I almost always make them as a side during the holidays, but I enjoy them more in Janu ... Read More
brussel sprouts w hazelnuts


I hope you don’t feel like I’ve neglected you this past week. My computer sort of broke down –it started to run really slooooooooowwwwwwwlllllyyyyyy — and I had to take it in to have it looked at. It’s better now, and hopefully it’ll stay that way—fingers crossed! Now, I don’t know about you but I ate way (and I mean WAY) too many little gold bunnies in the lead-up to Easter. I just couldn’t resist—every time I walked into the grocery store I put a little gold bunny (or two…or three) in my shopping ba ... Read More
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I love that time in-between seasons when the weather is just so – not too cold, but not yet summer-hot. I know some of you are freezing your mittens off in the polar vortex, and I don’t mean to show off—I really don’t—but the weather here right now is perfection (not so for most of the year, when it’s sweltering hot and you’re resigned to spending weeks on end indoors). We’ve had a couple of gloomy days, but otherwise it’s been warm with bright blue skies for most of the week. I’ve been taking advanta ... Read More
bits & pieces 27.01.14


Did you guys have a good Easter? What did you get up to? I: ate too much chocolate, had a relaxed brunch with a friend, and then a nice little dinner at home with the husband. I’m excited about this week because Rols and I have plans to see old friends of ours from out of town, and I have a girls’ night in planned which should be a lot of fun. I spent today clearing out my fridge and getting organized for the week, and I found I had a ton of chili peppers! I bought a bunch this week after forgetting that I already had ... Read More
homemade chili paste1
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