A Late-Summer Lunch

So. The almost-in-laws came over for lunch last week and I just wanted to make something light and picnic-y, in an attempt to hold on to every last little bit of summer possible. I love summer. It’s my favorite season. Things I love about it: The beach Living in swimsuits and flowy summer dresses Picnics and barbecues Watermelons, cherries, and ice-cold lemonade If you live in the ‘burbs: running through the sprinklers in your front yard and not caring because IT’S. SO. DARN. HOT. If you live in the city: sitting out o ... Read More
Summer Lunch

Ah, Italy! Part I (Giuseppina’s Torta Salata)

R. and I were in Italy a few weeks ago, visiting family andfriends and we just had the best time and ate the most wonderful food while we were there. We spent a month traveling across Italy; we visited Trento, Venice, Verona, Bevagna, Assisi, and Rome, as well as a handful of smaller towns and villages along the way. It was so great and we just ate so well we didn’t want to leave. It happens every time we go. One of the places we visited was our friends’ Pecorino farm in Umbria. They have a flock of 500 sheep, and t ... Read More
Torta Salata


We’re finally online! R.  and I have been working on this site for the past few weeks, just trying to get things up and running and working properly. And now it’s finally up! We’ll be writing about and sharing photos of our travels around the world and the food we encounter as well as our everyday lives, with a focus on food of course. We’re still trying to sort out some kinks in the layout of the blog, so please let us know if you notice anything that doesn’t look/work right so we can try to fix it. For now you ... Read More
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