desk drawer pantry-3 I wanted to do something a little bit different today for Packed Lunch Mondays. Instead of giving you another recipe, let’s talk about what’s in your desk drawer. And I don’t mean office supplies, but rather the little foodie bits and pieces that help make desk meals that little bit more special.

If you work in an office environment like I used to, then you know that office lunches are often no fun. Having a well-stocked desk drawer is great for helping you eat well throughout the day, particularly if you have long office hours and less-than-ideal food options. I’m a huge advocate of the desk pantry, if not for the convenience of it, for the fact that is gives me an excuse to buy all of those adorable mini-sized products.

Here’s a list of what I would always keep on hand:

  • mini bottle of oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Maldon salt and a little pepper grinder
  • teeny tiny bottles of hot sauce
  • honey and bee pollen (and sometimes jam too)
  • lunchbox-size boxes of raisins
  • an individual chocolate bar (or two, or three)
  • dried fruit (Mangoes in the photo)
  • Assorted tea bags
  • A mug
  • Paper napkins (I love those flamingos!)


  • salt, pepper, oil, and vinegar as a dressing for salads, or to season other packed lunches.
  • Hot sauce for sandwiches or pizzas (if it was pizza day at the office)
  • Raisins, honey & bee pollen to stir into muesli or yogurt on days where breakfast was to-go.
  • Chocolate, dry fruit, and tea as a mid-morning or afternoon snack.

desk drawer pantry

This is by no means comprehensive—it’s one of three (yup, three—I’m kind of food-crazy) “food” boxes that lived in my desk drawer, and it’s the one that held most of my condiments. Everything is corralled into one container, a catch-all of sorts (pictured is this box). Everything is in miniature form, and I would replace used items at the start of each week. It’s minimal effort for extra comfort, and you can make it as simple–or as fancy–as you like. 

Here’s a few tips for stocking your drawer:

  • make sure everything is sealed, and keep little seal-clips on hand (bulldog clips work great in a pinch)
  • only store things that don’t require refrigeration
  • for easy storage, use a box with a lid, like this one

Next week I’ll show you a few other items I used to keep in my desk drawer that helped me put together quick lunches and snacks. Do you keep stuff like this in your desk drawer? If yes, what? I would love to know!




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