Happy Saturday lovelies! I hope you’re all having a relaxing day off, doing whatever it is that makes you happy. I have a friend visiting at the moment, so I’ve been playing tour guide a little bit, and also enjoying a lot of meals out.

If you guys read my last post here, then you probably know I’m sans camera at the moment. I’ll hopefully be back to regular posts Monday/Tuesday, but until then, I have a little giveaway for you!


I love you guys. Even though I’ve been away all summer, my readership has picked right up again, and for that I am so, so, unbelievably grateful. I am not a famous fancy blogger with hundreds of thousands of readers—I’m just a girl in her twenties who likes to write about food. So it makes me happy beyond belief to know that there are people out there who read my blog, and keep coming back to read it. And I know a lot of bloggers say this, but having just one person read a post and commented on it is enough—it’s such a great feeling. So, thank you! I do hope you’ll stick around, because there are a lot of exciting things coming up this season.

The other thing I love is Fall, and I’m always looking for little ways to incorporate the warmth of the season into my home without doing anything too obvious or dramatic. I like changing up little things, like putting out warmer-hued bedding and tea towels, and incorporating wooden accessories into my table settings.

So, this little giveaway is a thank you, and it consists of a few wooden kitchen items that I love (pictured above, with my iPhone). There’s:

  • a tea towel (it has a drawing on the other side that you can’t see in the photo)
  • a wooden salt cellar
  • two teak ladles
  • an olivewood mortar and pestle.

This contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world; to enter you need to:

  • Subscribe to my newsletter here OR 
  • Follow me on instagram and re-gram any of my posts with the hashtag #everydayfeastsGA (and tag me @everydayfeasts)

If you do both, your name will be entered in the draw twice! 

I’ll announce the winner on Thursday October 9, 2014, so you have until Wednesday October 8, 2014 to enter.

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! Thank you all so much for participating! The winner is Paula C. 🙂 

Other info:

  • To pick a winner, I’ll write out each entry on a piece of paper, fold it in half, and place it in my favorite bowl. On Thursday, I’ll pull out a name at random and contact the winner. I’ll also announce it on here, on my instagram, and on twitter.
  • This is not a sponsored post. I went out and purchased all of the items in the giveaway myself, and you’ll only find out what store they’re from if you win.

I do hope you’ll enter!




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