Champ pot

For me, potatoes are the ultimate comfort food.  Baked potatoes, roast potatoes, fried potatoes, potato soup, potato salad, potato fritters… you get the idea. Potatoes are just so versatile—you can do just about anything with them, and they can be paired with most herbs and spices.

One of my favorite things to do with potatoes though is mash them. Nothing beats a bowl of creamy, silky mashed potatoes.


Anyways, about this post: R. and I were watching Jamie Oliver reruns and he made a traditional Irish dish called ‘Champ’, which is mashed potatoes with spring onions (also known as scallions in some places), milk, and a pool of butter in the center. We couldn’t help but notice how similar this was to the ‘Stamp-pot’ they make in Holland; mashed potatoes with milk and a pool of butter in the center with a giant dollop of wholegrain mustard (but there are variations of both of these dishes).

So we took a little bit of ‘Stamp’ and a little bit of ‘Champ’ and added our penchant for ridiculously decadent foods and came up with a ‘Champ-Pot’.  It’s got cream and butter and mustard and spring onions and if all of that wasn’t enough it’s got bacon thrown in for good measure. It turned out obscenely rich and delicious. When we made it we had it with some Rookwurst sausages and a spinach salad with an orange-balsamic dressing (the orange complemented the bacon and the sausages really well, and apparently the vitamin C in it helps you absorb all the minerals and vitamins and goodies in the spinach).


I strongly recommend this for the next time you need some comfort food—it works great as a dish on its own, and it’s the kind of thing that you can make in a single pan in your kitchen.  Bonus: less washing up at the end of the evening…

Here it is!

Champ pot Recipe Card


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