cauliflower pasta-4 Now that fall is well underway and the weather is cooling down, I’m finding myself making more dishes involving the use of my oven. While in summer I completely avoid anything that requires making a room any warmer than it already is, this season is all about embracing baked goods and oven-roasted meals. This pasta is one of those dishes that requires the use of an oven to roast the cauliflower; and while the ingredients list might seem long, it’s actually an incredibly simple dish to make (and only takes 30 minutes fro ... Read More



brussel sprouts w hazelnuts When I was younger, I was one of those weird kids who loved eating their greens. The greener, the better. I would devour things like broccoli and spinach, and I really liked brussels sprouts too—something my family didn’t totally understand. I’ve come to appreciate them more as an adult; the complexity of their flavor, how their little green leaves can be crunchy or soft, how they change color and become more vibrant when cooked. I almost always make them as a side during the holidays, but I enjoy them more in Janu ... Read More



broccolini pasta-2 This past week has been the kind of week where I’ve barely been home, and when I have, it’s only been for really short periods of time. And during those short periods of time, I’ve tried to make myself something to eat, do some laundry, play with the kids (cats), charge all my electronics (why do all batteries seem to die at the same time?) and even squeezed in couple of little power naps because I’ve really needed it. Any of you had one of those weeks recently? I love being busy, but I’m also really looking forw ... Read More