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BITS & PIECES | 28.05.17

Summer is in full swing here in Dubai, and the month of Ramadan has just started. This means a slightly slower pace, more time spent indoors with friends, and little tweaks to my routine. There are some big changes underway, the smallest of which is that last week I sold the car that I’ve had for the better part of a decade. It was the first car I bought for myself and, even though it sounds silly, I was really sad to say goodbye and had to remind myself that change is both good and inevitable. I went to my friend Noreen’s beautiful event which restored my faith in blogging and social media, and where I got to meet some wonderful women. Here’s a look at a few moments from the past ten days.

dessert bar {the dessert bar at Noreen‘s Hygge x DXB event}

flowers {part of the gorgeous setup at Noreen‘s Hygge x DXB event}

pizza {a whatsapp message from my mother-in-law, reminding me of what I’m missing by not being in Italy}

moroccan tea spa {a much-needed spa day complete with fluffy robe and moroccan tea}

IMG_8656 {this gorgeous bougainvillea reminding me to always look up}



BITS & PIECES | 29.05.16

a bonnet full of roses {a bonnet full of roses in Old Dubai}

The past couple of weeks have been absolutely manic. I got the chance to work on a big, fancy food shoot (which was scary and exhilarating at the same time), I said goodbye to one of my coolest friends (Anna, who is now off on a new adventure), and I’ve started piecing together what my summer and fall are going to look like. There are so many exciting things happening that it’s been hard not to feel overwhelmed; my eating and exercise routines have definitely suffered because of all the busy-ness. I got back into yoga and my morning run today, and I’m looking forward to more salads and less fries (but definitely more gelato!) in the weeks to come. Here’s to the weekend, and to doing the things that make your heart sing.

Anna {the lovely Anna, on a sunset abra ride}

Persian ice cream {Persian soft-serve: rose and saffron for the win} 

Paris Brest {when friends send you the sweetest DMs from Paris}

weekend flowers {weekend flowers, for a pop of color}



BITS & PIECES | 27.04.16

This week was one of the busiest weeks I’ve had this year. I had work projects due right, left, and center, and I’ve been nursing a melancholy heart after my trip to Sri Lanka (I was so sad to come back). Despite all of the busy-ness—a welcome distraction, for which I am grateful— I managed to carve out a few quiet moments for myself to relax and recuperate. I’ve got a lot on this weekend and over the coming week, and then I’ll be switching gears into summer mode and getting ready to take on a slew of new projects, both personal and work-related. I hope you all have a good week/weekend!

brioche french toast

{brioche French toast on a particularly hectic morning}

David Bowie graffiti

{David Bowie lives on – at Kite Beach, and in my heart}

Persian food

{quick Persian lunch at the mall}


{my cat, Squeak, sunbathing}

green fire spicy drink

{the spiciest concoction made with fiery red chilis and passion fruit}



BITS & PIECES | 01.03.16

It’s been a manic month since I came back from holiday, but I couldn’t be more grateful for the busy-ness. It’s helped me focus on the things I really care about, and also made me realise there’s a few things I’ve been neglecting. My birthday a couple of weeks ago saw me turn the big three-oh(!), and while it was a little bit scary, I’m enjoying being exactly where I am in life. Here are five moments captured over the past week that I’m so grateful for. I hope you all have a beautiful start to March.

coffee {impromptu coffee date with my friend Noreen}

boats on the creek {boats on the creek}

ice cream sandwich stack {ice cream sandwich stack (my favourite was the chocoalte-caramel-peanut)}

indoor courtyard {the prettiest courtyard at sunset}

freshly baked bread {freshly-baked bread in old Dubai}



BITS & PIECES | 13.07.15

I thought I’d ease back into blogging with a quick Bits & Pieces post to give you a glimpse of what I’ve been up to this past week. Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I’m in Italy for the summer, which has been unbelievably hot so far. This past week has been slightly less eventful than most; all my friends who were visiting have left, and I’ve been settling back into a more leisurely routine and catching up on work. Here are snapshots of happy moments from the past few days.

spaghetti al pomodoro - bits and pieces {simple spaghetti al pomodoro at one of my favourite restaurants}

sunflowers - bits and pieces {sunflowers on an afternoon walk}

truffled egg - bits and pieces {truffled egg at dinner in Montefalco}

rachel - bits and pieces {my friend Rachel, looking very Italian}

dessert - bits and pieces {gelateria window in Assisi (I ate the biggest gelato)}

I hope you all have a gorgeous week.



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