desk drawer pantry-3 I wanted to do something a little bit different today for Packed Lunch Mondays. Instead of giving you another recipe, let’s talk about what’s in your desk drawer. And I don’t mean office supplies, but rather the little foodie bits and pieces that help make desk meals that little bit more special. If you work in an office environment like I used to, then you know that office lunches are often no fun. Having a well-stocked desk drawer is great for helping you eat well throughout the day, particularly if you have long of ... Read More



homemade chili paste1 Did you guys have a good Easter? What did you get up to? I: ate too much chocolate, had a relaxed brunch with a friend, and then a nice little dinner at home with the husband. I’m excited about this week because Rols and I have plans to see old friends of ours from out of town, and I have a girls’ night in planned which should be a lot of fun. I spent today clearing out my fridge and getting organized for the week, and I found I had a ton of chili peppers! I bought a bunch this week after forgetting that I already had ... Read More



classic basil pesto-2 I never thought I’d be posting a recipe for basil pesto so late in the year, but seasons here are practically non-existent, and locally-grown produce can really surprise you—it’s a mix of Northern hemisphere and Southern hemisphere crops pretty much all year round. Which brings me to this pesto: nice, big bunches of sweet basil aren’t always easy to find, but when I went to meet a friend of mine (hi Sammy!) for coffee a couple of days ago, she surprised me with the biggest bunch of basil ever! (okay, not ever but y ... Read More