pea smash bruschette I love Spring. And I love it for the most clichéd of reasons: because it signals a new beginning, a clean slate, a fresh start. I’m not one for new years’ resolutions (you can decide to make a change any day of the year), but Spring Equinox, for me, is when I always feel the most alive (it helps that the weather in Dubai in the Spring is spectacular: blue skies and light breezes and sharp edges), and when change seems to make its way—slowly but surely— into my life. This Spring, I went back to Sri Lanka for ten day ... Read More



beetroot hummus-2   I really wanted to have an awesome little anecdote for you today, but I don’t. I was going to start this post by telling you about the weather (getting warmer), and how amazing the farmer’s market is right now (so, so great), but you’ve heard all of that before, and I resort to small-talk when writing my posts far too often. So today I’ll just offer up a recipe for this slightly smoky jewel-toned beetroot hummus and tell you a tiny but about why you should go make it now. Here goes:   This beetroot hummu ... Read More



zucchini bruschetta Right now the farmers’ markets feel like summer—colorful and vibrant and with that heady smell of almost-too-ripe tomatoes. For most of you living in the colder parts of the Northern Hemisphere—you might not want to read on (but I hope you do, and flag this post for warmer days). There are juicy, red tomatoes picked fresh off the vine, an abundance of peas, favas, and green beans, and just about every single type of summer squash you can imagine. I picked up about five kilos of zucchini at the farmer’s market thi ... Read More



quinoa tabbouleh One of the things I love the most about Middle Eastern food is that there’s an amazing array of salads and dips and things to nibble on. Meat is usually at the center of a typical meal, but mezze is what I enjoy most. They create a wonderful communal experience, with everyone dipping their bread into colorful little bowls of spiced dips and jeweled salads. I feel I should start telling you about this recipe by saying that this is in no way an authentic tabbouleh recipe. It’s a recipe that is heavily inspired by Middl ... Read More



za'atar flavored crisp-breads-2 When I was at university (almost a whole decade ago—eek!), we had this big, sprawling, brand-spanking-new library. It was on three floors and had a pretty cool little cookbook section. I would sit in between the stacks after class and leaf through cookbook after cookbook, discovering new recipes and foods I’d never heard of before (kohlrabi! Watermelon radishes! Microgreens! Quinoa!). It was all new and exciting and I wanted to try it all. It was because of a book that I’d found at the library – Nancy Silverton’s ... Read More

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