BITS & PIECES | 29.05.16

a bonnet full of roses {a bonnet full of roses in Old Dubai}

The past couple of weeks have been absolutely manic. I got the chance to work on a big, fancy food shoot (which was scary and exhilarating at the same time), I said goodbye to one of my coolest friends (Anna, who is now off on a new adventure), and I’ve started piecing together what my summer and fall are going to look like. There are so many exciting things happening that it’s been hard not to feel overwhelmed; my eating and exercise routines have definitely suffered because of all the busy-ness. I got back into yoga and my morning run today, and I’m looking forward to more salads and less fries (but definitely more gelato!) in the weeks to come. Here’s to the weekend, and to doing the things that make your heart sing.

Anna {the lovely Anna, on a sunset abra ride}

Persian ice cream {Persian soft-serve: rose and saffron for the win} 

Paris Brest {when friends send you the sweetest DMs from Paris}

weekend flowers {weekend flowers, for a pop of color}




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