Summer is in full swing here in Dubai, and the month of Ramadan has just started. This means a slightly slower pace, more time spent indoors with friends, and little tweaks to my routine. There are some big changes underway, the smallest of which is that last week I sold the car that I’ve had for the better part of a decade. It was the first car I bought for myself and, even though it sounds silly, I was really sad to say goodbye and had to remind myself that change is both good and inevitable. I went to my friend Noreen’s beautiful event which restored my faith in blogging and social media, and where I got to meet some wonderful women. Here’s a look at a few moments from the past ten days.

dessert bar {the dessert bar at Noreen‘s Hygge x DXB event}

flowers {part of the gorgeous setup at Noreen‘s Hygge x DXB event}

pizza {a whatsapp message from my mother-in-law, reminding me of what I’m missing by not being in Italy}

moroccan tea spa {a much-needed spa day complete with fluffy robe and moroccan tea}

IMG_8656 {this gorgeous bougainvillea reminding me to always look up}



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