BITS & PIECES | 27.04.16

This week was one of the busiest weeks I’ve had this year. I had work projects due right, left, and center, and I’ve been nursing a melancholy heart after my trip to Sri Lanka (I was so sad to come back). Despite all of the busy-ness—a welcome distraction, for which I am grateful— I managed to carve out a few quiet moments for myself to relax and recuperate. I’ve got a lot on this weekend and over the coming week, and then I’ll be switching gears into summer mode and getting ready to take on a slew of new projects, both personal and work-related. I hope you all have a good week/weekend!

brioche french toast

{brioche French toast on a particularly hectic morning}

David Bowie graffiti

{David Bowie lives on – at Kite Beach, and in my heart}

Persian food

{quick Persian lunch at the mall}


{my cat, Squeak, sunbathing}

green fire spicy drink

{the spiciest concoction made with fiery red chilis and passion fruit}




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