BITS & PIECES | 01.03.16

It’s been a manic month since I came back from holiday, but I couldn’t be more grateful for the busy-ness. It’s helped me focus on the things I really care about, and also made me realise there’s a few things I’ve been neglecting. My birthday a couple of weeks ago saw me turn the big three-oh(!), and while it was a little bit scary, I’m enjoying being exactly where I am in life. Here are five moments captured over the past week that I’m so grateful for. I hope you all have a beautiful start to March.

coffee {impromptu coffee date with my friend Noreen}

boats on the creek {boats on the creek}

ice cream sandwich stack {ice cream sandwich stack (my favourite was the chocoalte-caramel-peanut)}

indoor courtyard {the prettiest courtyard at sunset}

freshly baked bread {freshly-baked bread in old Dubai}




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