Bacon, Egg and Leek Pie

Bacon and Egg Pie

Well, S. has just started a new job and is flat out, nose to the grind stone busy and that leaves me in charge of the blog during the week; sounds like a recipe for disaster (pun intended), I know. So, please forgive me my ham-fisted attempts at writing, it’s not my area and after all I just take the pictures here.

The recipe I’ve chosen to share with you today is a simple and yet oh, so satisfying one. I make this quite a lot for S. and I when we feel like an all-in-one type of meal. A lot of people are put off by the idea of making their own pastry but it’s really one of the easiest things to do and a whole lot easier than baking something like bread or a cake. If you have a food processor (which we don’t, yet) then it’s even easier. Half the time I don’t bother to roll the pastry out if I’m putting it in a baking tin– I just mould it to the shape of the tin with my hands (if you’re going to do this then don’t chill the pastry). The reason I always make my own, other than it being simple and quick, is that most bought short-crust pastry is sweetened, which is terrible for a savory pie, and comes out of the packet grey half the time. Having said that there are some really good ones but let’s be honest here, it’s cheaper and more satisfying to do it yourself.

So, now that I’ve rambled on I’ll let you get on to the actual recipe. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Bacon and Egg Pie - Recipe Card

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