Corks We’re finally online! R.  and I have been working on this site for the past few weeks, just trying to get things up and running and working properly. And now it’s finally up! We’ll be writing about and sharing photos of our travels around the world and the food we encounter as well as our everyday lives, with a focus on food of course. We’re still trying to sort out some kinks in the layout of the blog, so please let us know if you notice anything that doesn’t look/work right so we can try to fix it. For now you ... Read More


French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup I love soup. I love soup. I love soup. I’ve spent the past fifteen minutes trying to figure out what to write this post about. Sure, my writing’s rusty as it is, but I’ve just deleted a couple of paragraphs where I’ve waxed poetic about soup and its virtues (all-in-one supermeal! liquidified for your convenience! Warm and comforting! You can put anything in it!) Appetizing, huh? So instead I’m going to tell you about why I decided to make this soup: I love France! I love onions! I love soup! Pretty obvious, right ... Read More


Balsamic Roast Pumpkin

Balsamic Roast Pumpkin Yesterday was Halloween and R. and I spent it lounging around the house doing, well, not much. I didn’t make anything too Halloween inspired—no cupcakes with orange frosting, no cookies shaped like cats or ghouls, and no stew with eyeballs—I was far too lazy and I could only bring myself to make something really simple. So I roasted a pumpkin. I guess you could say it’s sort of Halloween-y but let’s be honest here: I was just too darn lazy to make anything particularly inspired. What’s good about this though ... Read More

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