Ah, Italy! Part II (and a recipe for pasta carbonara)

Italy - Umbria

Let me tell you a bit more about our trip to Italy this summer.

It was wonderful pretty much sums it up.

We ate SO much. There was good food to be had at every turn—in every house, restaurant, café, streetside market, everywhere. I don’t think we had a single bad meal the entire time we were there.

There were afternoons spent drinking beer and eating greasy, more-ish pizza in Rome, evenings being served the house special—bucatini in tomato sauce—with a giant bib and a good pitcher of the house red. There were cheerful waiters and disgruntled ones, large restaurants and small, family-run trattorias. There were restaurants with menus, and those where your guess was as good as anyone else’s as to what you’d be served that day. There were picnics and slices of pizza eaten by the side of the street. The variable that remained constant was that the food and the house wine were always good.

tomatoes, olives, ham, salami, truffle salsa, pecorino, zucchini flowers

tomatoes, olives, ham, salami, truffle salsa, pecorino, zucchini flowers

We moved around a lot, but we made sure to visit some of our favorite places: Trento, Verona, Venice, Rome, and a few other places here and there.

We spent the longest time in Umbria (this region of Italy) where the weather was glorious, and the hospitality charming. This is the place we stayed at, in a town called Bevagna:



Isn’t it adorable? We had our own kitchen too, which meant we were able to buy all of the wonderful local produce and make some amazing meals, like this one:

BEVAGNA 09 food


The people there were really wonderful and took the time to show us around and invite us for wonderful meals in their homes.

In Bevagna there is an annual medieval festival where the entire town gets decorated with faux-stone facades, the townspeople dress up in medieval clothes and parade across the town and an old-fashioned market is recreated. The town gets divided into four quarters, just as it used to be, and each quarter sets up a tavern of sorts, where medieval food is cooked and served to diners.

BEVAGNA 09 medievel 1 BEVAGNA 09 medieval 2

R. had this (I wish I could remember what it’s called, but I lost my copy of the menu) which was very similar to a modern spaghetti carbonara, but without the eggs.

Medieval Carbonara

Here’s our version. The trick is not making the eggs scramble. We found that if you add a bit of the pasta water it helps give you a nice, smooth, satiny sauce.



Pasta Carbonara Recipe

4 thoughts on “Ah, Italy! Part II (and a recipe for pasta carbonara)

  1. Lovely, lovely photos! I feel like all this while the trip to Italy that I’d been planning in my head is going to be so worth it. Love how you see things – right from the scooter to the food spread on the table to the man dealing with vegetable. Lovely.

  2. Hi Rose, Thanks for visiting our site and for your lovely comments!
    We rented a studio apartment while we were in Umbria, and it was absolutely lovely



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