Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

We know we’ve kind of disappeared. We got sucked in by the holidays; we had friends stay over, Christmas was CRAZY (when is it not?) and work for me has been super busy.

But, let me assure you, we are back. And we’ve gotten off our lazy butts and done a bit of work on the site. The about us section has been updated, and guess what? We’ve got a some new recipes to post starting tomorrow.

So about Christmas—I feel I should say a bit about how the day went, and what we made and ate and all that. We spent it with the almost-in-laws (no need to make that face, they’re nice people. Really. ) and we made chickens (yes, plural). We used the roast chicken recipe from our last post and they turned out great—moist and delicious. We also had cuttlefish in a red-wine reduction, lamb with mint sauce, roast vegetables, and various delicious salads. Do we have photos to share? Erm…no.

R. insisted that Christmas is special and that nobody likes to have a camera shoved in their face, which I thought was pretty fair.

The cool thing about this year was that all presents had to be hand-made. So R. and I made preserved lemons, orangettes, cucumber pickles, and flavored salts and sugars.  We got plum jam, eggplant chutney, and biscuits in return.

And we ate so much panettone. I love panettone—it’s absolutely delicious. It reminds me of my mother and Christmas in Italy. If you’ve never had panettone, you need to go out and try some. It’s basically a type of leavened hand-made cake. It’s delicious. We’ve got a recipe using leftover Christmas panettone coming up soon, so stay tuned.

Thanks to all of you who’ve been checking out our site regularly—it means a lot to us J



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