BITS & PIECES | 13.07.15

I thought I’d ease back into blogging with a quick Bits & Pieces post to give you a glimpse of what I’ve been up to this past week. Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I’m in Italy for the summer, which has been unbelievably hot so far. This past week has been slightly less eventful than most; all my friends who were visiting have left, and I’ve been settling back into a more leisurely routine and catching up on work. Here are snapshots of happy moments from the past few days.

spaghetti al pomodoro - bits and pieces {simple spaghetti al pomodoro at one of my favourite restaurants}

sunflowers - bits and pieces {sunflowers on an afternoon walk}

truffled egg - bits and pieces {truffled egg at dinner in Montefalco}

rachel - bits and pieces {my friend Rachel, looking very Italian}

dessert - bits and pieces {gelateria window in Assisi (I ate the biggest gelato)}

I hope you all have a gorgeous week.





Grey skies, old brick buildings, bicycles whizzing past you, and the smell of warm cinnamon rolls wafting through the air as you approach a giant golden pretzel suspended almost mid-air—a symbol that tells you there’s a bakery right underneath. Copenhagen, you stole my heart. Two months ago I traveled to Copenhagen for the first time. It was my stop-over choice on a more adventurous trip to Iceland. I’d always wanted to go to Denmark, largely because of Noma*, but also because I’d heard and read things about the ... Read More


  I really wanted to have an awesome little anecdote for you today, but I don’t. I was going to start this post by telling you about the weather (getting warmer), and how amazing the farmer’s market is right now (so, so great), but you’ve heard all of that before, and I resort to small-talk when writing my posts far too often. So today I’ll just offer up a recipe for this slightly smoky jewel-toned beetroot hummus and tell you a tiny but about why you should go make it now. Here goes:   This beetroot hummu ... Read More
beetroot hummus-2


Right now the farmers’ markets feel like summer—colorful and vibrant and with that heady smell of almost-too-ripe tomatoes. For most of you living in the colder parts of the Northern Hemisphere—you might not want to read on (but I hope you do, and flag this post for warmer days). There are juicy, red tomatoes picked fresh off the vine, an abundance of peas, favas, and green beans, and just about every single type of summer squash you can imagine. I picked up about five kilos of zucchini at the farmer’s market thi ... Read More
zucchini bruschetta


Happy New Year! I know I’m about a week late with this post, but I figured better late than never, right? I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions: I believe that every day is a good day to make a change in your life. Having said that, I do like the collective positive mindset that the new year seems to bring around. I find January is always full of promise and possibility. Seeing what other people are working on, going through, and hoping for is inspiring. It also makes me feel less alone to see that I’m not th ... Read More
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