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What a week! How have you guys been?  I’ve been busy prepping for Easter (by eating my weight in chocolate eggs), and planning my upcoming trips. I’ll be traveling again soon, and it’s exciting. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time indoors this week as Summer has kind of kicked in and it’s too hot to do anything outdoors anymore. This does mean that I’ve been waking up a little earlier (with the sun, and because it’s cooler in the early hours of the day), and I’m really loving it. There’s a lot to be said about being awake before everyone else seems to be and getting things done. It’s made me really productive and I hope I can keep it up.

I’ve also been on a little bit of …Read More


fruit platter with yogurt dip

It’s just a quick little dessert-y quick-fix from me today, as I’ve had a couple of manic days (and it’s only Tuesday!) running around like a headless chicken getting things done. I love being busy, and given the choice I’d almost always rather be busy than not, but it makes entertaining guests difficult when you have so much going on.

We had a friend drop in unexpectedly from out of town, and because we hadn’t seen each other in a while, I really wanted to catch up. I invited her over for dinner— I made a quick tomato pasta like this one, and then brought out this fruit platter for dessert. Because I hadn’t really planned to entertain and I was pretty busy, I didn’t …Read More


pasta primavera-3

I had this big plan where I was going to tell you a bit about myself today, seeing as all you have to go on right now is the somewhat mysterious-looking photo of me in my bio.

But as I sat down to type this, my mind was all like, blerg blerg gah gloop.

And it was like that for quite some time, during which I looked up funny pictures of cats, checked my facebook twenty times, obsessed over an instagram filter, fed my cats, watched some movie trailers, and wrote a shopping list.

And here we are now. And my brain is still sort of like, blerg blerg gah gloop GAH IT’S ALMOST THE WEEKEND. But I do want to tell you a little bit about myself, and then also about this pasta …Read More


garlic green beans-2

I have a confession: I really, really, really like garlic. Like, a LOT. And I’m kind of hoping you like garlic too, because if you don’t then I’m not sure we can be friends (or that you should keep reading this).

A part of me would love to put garlic in everything I make, but the one thing I love more than garlic is subtlety in flavor—I like being able to taste all of the elements in a dish, and to feel them all come together rather than having one ingredient overpower the rest.

Because garlic can do that sometimes, it’s hard to find dishes where you can go totally crazy with it. Enter this recipe. Green beans are robust enough to be able to take on a whole lot of …Read More

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